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Four seasons blessed with a wide variety of changes in nature, Japan looks absolutely different with every passing season. Each of them authentically expresses the soul of the country. Summertime is upon us. And as our days stretch longer, the sun shines brighter and hotter, we’re celebrating the warmth and fun of the summer season […]

IBUKI Restaurant was introduced in Love That Design

IBUKI Restaurant’s design was introduced in Love That Design with a full story about art philosophy. This site showcases impression interior and industrial designs across multiple industries around the world. IBUKI’s architect, Kawaguchi Atsushi shares: I wondered if it would be possible to avoid the stylized “WA (Japanese Style)” design and use modern materials with […]


IBUKI Restaurant is honored to be the restaurant in TOP35 projects winning the title “BEST F&B DESIGN” of VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARDS | INTERIOR 2020 – 2021 VMARK Viet Nam Creative Awards System is a prestigious national initiative sponsored by VDAS to recognize the quality of creative design of individuals, organizations, and businesses. VMARK Awards […]

The Three Majors: Heritage of the Land

During a trip to Japan, Claude Levi Strauss, a French social anthropologist, and ethnologist (author of the world’s masterpiece: Tristes Tropiques), shared: “The study of cuisine has played an extremely important role in my books. Because nothing is more important than the way people decide to bring the natural world inside each person… ” And […]

World Class Sourcing Dining

Painting and Japanese cuisine have typical similarities, which are always aiming for purity, simplicity, and respecting the beauty of nature. In Japan, natural elements often surround life, such as wooden houses surrounded by trees or simple beauty in the city, like cedar, willows, rice fields, bamboo rows, tea gardens, ukiyo-e paintings, etc. In particular, the […]


— Spring will come and so will happiness. Life will get warmer.  On the Lunar New Year 2022, IBUKI introduces the menu set “The Taste of Tet”, inspired by gratitude for nature and respect for its beauty. People rejoice in positive energy and vigor with excited hearts! This beautiful season is deserved a beautiful welcome […]

Enjoy the Japanese standard Kobe Teppanyaki

As a member of Kobe Japan Association, IBUKI restaurant is the right place for diners who want to find a pure culinary experience, from the source of materials meeting official import standards. IBUKI chooses the standard Teppanyaki style to introduce to diners the Japanese culinary experience of the world’s most famous beef brands: Kobe: the […]

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