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IBUKI takes pride in offering firsthand experiences at farms, factory tours, and an understanding of why Miyazaki Wagyu possesses the world’s finest qualities, not solely because of the glamour of climate, land, or soil fertility, but due to a philosophy of sustainable business and the deep cultural values of the Japanese people. We carry that spirit and elevate Miyazaki Wagyu through the Teppanyaki grilling technique performed in front of our guests, preserving its original flavor.

Indulged by the pure and serene nature, temperate climate, towering mountains, and magnificent coastlines, these black-haired cattle are nurtured on farms, trade mark registered, and protected under the Miyazaki Wagyu brand.

As the champion of champions, Miyazaki Wagyu has consecutively won the highest Prime Minister’s Award four times in national-level competitions, often likened to the ‘Olympic Wagyu’ held once every four years.

From an artistic perspective, living cuts of meat are akin to beholding a magnificent masterpiece crafted by the combination of nature, humanity, and ancient Japanese culture. The delicate beauty of each marbled fat pattern intertwines, creating graceful and marvelous flows, reminiscent of a marble wonder.

The endless curves of the marbling patterns form intricate folds and rich, strangely mesmerizing flows, in a vast and orderly manner. These flowing currents ultimately give Miyazaki Wagyu its tender, refined, and gently sweet taste when enjoyed alongside crispy golden garlic, BBQ sauce, and the distinct IBUKI mustard sauce.

You are invited to visit Miyazaki Wagyu, IBUKI, and journey stories. Call us at Hotline 089 818 8388 or at to receive a 10% discount for pre-booking.

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