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Gorgeous Days


Experience the gorgeous days with bursts of bright sunshine, occasional summer breezes, and the occasional cloudbursts that nourish the land and its people. These striking elements of summer bring IBUKI’s latest menu “Gorgeous Days” to life, featuring a refreshing and well balanced teppanyaki set menu that complements the season perfectly.


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Inspired by the fascination of summer, our Teppanyaki set menu combines fresh sashimi, grilled Japanese scallops, and the Takamori Drunken Wagyu soup infused with yuzu citrus, bringing the taste of summer to your table. Takamori beef is a rare and exclusively breed from Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. These cattle are famous with their preference for Dassai sake mash, earning them the nickname “drunken cows”.

Our Takamori beef reaches Vietnam directly from Japan and cooked to perfection at IBUKI – the only restaurant in Vietnam that serves this premium beef. Our Teppanyaki set menu is perfectly portioned and balanced for the limited summer appetite. This set features the rare Takamori beef rolled in vegetables, bringing a delightful blend of textures and flavors to your dining experience.

Only a few high-end restaurants around the world meet the standard for preserving and serving Takamori wagyu, and IBUKI is the only restaurant in Vietnam directly importing and preparing this highly sought-after beef.

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Menu introduced from now until 10/6/2023, priced at 1,880,000++/set/pax with 8% OFF & complimentary Yuzu drink for any advanced booking. 

Please reserve your seats at IBUKI by calling our hotline at 089 818 8388 or messaging us through our Fanpage to secure your table for this special occasion at our beautiful establishment. 

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