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Japan Vietnam Goodwill Association, Kansai Region

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Mr. Hironori Sakai is known as an investor of IBUKI. He is a politician, businessman, and renowned manager in Japan, currently holding the position of Chairman of the Japan – Vietnam Goodwill Association, Kansai region. He is one of the key leaders of the Japanese business community in Kansai, a notable industrial and commercial region of the country.

Mr. Sakai has many years of experience in business and management, with expertise in economics and finance. Prior to his role as Chairman of the Association, he held several important positions in prestigious companies and conglomerates in Japan. Mr. Sakai is a successful investor and entrepreneur, with numerous major investment projects in real estate, services, and tourism. He is also a skilled strategic planner, capable of building good business relationships with partners both domestically and internationally.






Mr. Sakai plays an important role in promoting trade relations between Japan and Vietnam, particularly in the Kansai region. He has proposed many initiatives and plans to enhance economic and investment cooperation between the two countries, while also focusing on building strong relationships between the Japanese business community and Vietnam. Additionally, Mr. Sakai is dedicated to promoting the economic, educational, and cultural development of the Kansai region and Japan as a whole, through supporting local businesses and investing in community development projects.

As an investor of IBUKI Teppanyaki Restaurant, Mr. Hironori Sakai wholeheartedly places his trust and passionate inspiration in the spirit of Japan, Japanese culinary culture, the joyful ingredients from farms, teppanyaki cooking style, and the exquisite arrangement skills of the Japanese in cooking and serving. This has attracted many guests from Japan and various other countries, including Vietnam. He always leads the way in business connections, cultural exchanges, professional exchanges, environmental protection, and the development of enduring and profound traditional values.

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