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National Day Celebration

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“Right to life, right to pleasure, and right to freedom!”
02.09.2023 marks 78 years since the entire nation was granted the right to live, the right to pleasure, and the right to freedom.
During these days, in harmony with the radiant beauty of mountains and rivers, IBUKI embarks on a journey to seek the finest and most flavorful ingredients, embracing the essence of tradition, pleasure, and freedom. We proudly introduce to you the world’s top 3 wagyu beef, known as ‘The Three Majors’ or ‘The Big Three’:
Kobe: the most famous wagyu from Kobe province
Matsusaka: the purest wagyu from Mie province, carefully selected from vigin cows
Omi: the oldest wagyu, over 400 years old, from Shaga province, known as the ‘Rolls-Royce of beef’.
Especially during the week of 30/08 – 06/09, IBUKI offers a 20% discount on the Teppanyaki Set Menu of the Big Three: Kobe – Matsusaka – Omi, for pre-bookings via the Hotline 0898188388 or
You can savor each individual wagyu separately, or slowly indulge in all three top-notch varieties in a single meal, to truly appreciate the exquisite pleasure of discerning the differences in every marbling, aroma, and delicate sweetness of each type. It is an experience of lasting value.
This journey will be led by IBUKI’s chef, who will skillfully grill the wagyu using the teppanyaki technique, nurturing and cherishing every movement, ensuring that the meat is perfectly cooked, with a crispy outer layer, a tender and rosy inner core, releasing a delightful aroma right before the guest’s eyes, while sharing legendary stories and heritage.


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