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Season of Renewal

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As 2022 draws to a close with a range of emotions, we reflect on the memorable moments and celebrate the year as one of renewal and new beginnings. To encapsulate the positive messages and extend our gratitude to our valued customers who have been with us throughout, we present the Season of Renewal menu consisting of 2 choices, starting at 2,990,000++ VND/set.

Season of Renewal holds the significance of resurgence, relying on strong foundations and serving as a representative of a journey with many milestones to be relived. Firstly, we will come together to welcome the year’s most beautiful moments with gentle weather, prompting us to recall unforgettable memories. From there, we will connect on emotions to appreciate every achievement and express gratitude to those who have accompanied us. Ultimately, we will cherish the valuable experience and prepare for the new spring.

The over 10-item Season of Renewal menu features a collection of delectable dishes prepared using standardized high-quality ingredients such as world-famous Kobe beef, the rarest Takamori beef in the world, Hyogo oysters, French goose liver and Hokkaido sea urchins. Paired with suitable beverages, the menu is designed to complete your dining experience.

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