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Happiness Circles

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Discover the essence of family togetherness and happiness this Lunar New Year at IBUKI. Our special menu is designed to capture the spirit of traditional Tet, where everyone can partake in the joy of a delicious meal with their loved ones. This year, we have chosen the theme of Happiness Circles, welcoming the new year with an appreciation for the happiness that is fundamental to life.

From January 10th to January 30th, 2023, we invite you to join us and experience our extraordinary Happiness Circles menus. Each dish is expertly crafted with premium authentic ingredients that are steeped in history and inspiration, embodying the core philosophy of IBUKI’s menu. Our first menu features the world-renowned and exquisite Kobe beef, sourced from the Hyogo province, famous for its exceptional flavor and texture. Our second menu presents the purebred Matsuska beef, sourced from Mie province, which is the only brand to be auctioned where some cattle have fetched record-breaking prices up to 500,000 USD. Lastly, we offer the exclusive Takamori beef from Yamaguchi prefecture, which is nurtured with premium Dassai sake residue to produce extraordinary quality wagyu.

Happiness Circles Pp Happiness Circles Wellbeing

Well-being Menu: 3,688,000++VND/set, including accompanying food & drinks

Prosperity Menu: 4,688,000++ VND/set, including accompanying food & drinks

Along with delicately and meticulously prepared dishes, diners will also experience drinks such as wine, sake,..

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