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The winter forest holds many impressive secrets of nature like an ancient god. Wearing a white coat of snow and patiently waiting for the warmth of spring, the forest bows to the weight of the snow and the branches bend, creating paths that look like beautiful castles during the December weather. Everything around becomes quiet and serene. The Winter Forest captures the essence of this magical time, offering a 12-dish delicacy menu that showcases selected ingredients specially chosen for the winter season.

The Winter Forest menu is inspired by the majestic and vastness of the winter landscape, consisting of 12 dishes with varying flavors, from mild to extremely bold. It features carefully selected specially sourced ingredients that fully capture the flavors and scents unique to the winter months. The menu includes Hokkaido scallops, Hyogo oysters, bluefin tuna, kinki fish, sea urchins, winter-caught red snapper, and the rarest Takamori beef in the world, along with Omi beef – known for its enduring classics. Each dish is a journey into the natural world, capturing the liveliness and wildness of the winter.

The Winter Forest menu is a nature-inspired excursion that invites you to feel the pulsing life of every living creature in the midst of winter landscapes. It is an experience that encapsulates the beauty and flavor of winter, whether on land or in the sea, all in one extraordinary culinary journey.


3,390,000++/set, excluding beverages.

3,690,000++/set with 1 glass of St Feuillien Grand Cru Christmas edition beer.

3,990,000++/set with 1 glass of Snow Aged sake.

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