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World Class Sourcing Dining

Painting and Japanese cuisine have typical similarities, which are always aiming for purity, simplicity, and respecting the beauty of nature. In Japan, natural elements often surround life, such as wooden houses surrounded by trees or simple beauty in the city, like cedar, willows, rice fields, bamboo rows, tea gardens, ukiyo-e paintings, etc. In particular, the culinary culture is equally lively when the Japanese also follow the harmony with nature.

The core of Japanese cuisine is to keep the flavors intact. Most Japanese dishes are very low in calories, but ensure adequate nutrition for the body. The main ingredients used for processing are usually derived from soybeans, seaweed, seafood from the sea, vegetables, rice, etc., limiting the use of spices. The dishes are all delicately and skillfully arranged by the chef, in harmony between color, smell, and taste.

With the philosophy of “World-class sourcing dining”, each dish must originate from standard ingredients, the right season, and origin.


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