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The Three Majors: Heritage of the Land

During a trip to Japan, Claude Levi Strauss, a French social anthropologist, and ethnologist (author of the world’s masterpiece: Tristes Tropiques), shared: “The study of cuisine has played an extremely important role in my books. Because nothing is more important than the way people decide to bring the natural world inside each person... ” And when it comes to the cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun, he commented: “Almost all Japanese dishes are not fatty, they introduce natural products in a pure state, and diners have the freedom to choose their own combination, depending on their own feelings.”

This has demonstrated the important position of Japanese cuisine on the international cuisine map, which is to honor core values, original beauty, and uniqueness in each dish.

At IBUKI, we pursue that spirit in every project, or when sharing a new menu with diners. IBUKI has spent a lot of time and effort working with Japanese partners to create “The Three Majors,” the world’s most unique wagyu trio: Kobe-Matsusaka-Omi.

Each beef brand has a historical story, diners can learn about the land’s heritage, discover the beauty of the roots, and connect with the culinary elite while enjoying “The Three Majors.”

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