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IBUKI cooperates with AmCham Vietnam to enhance the World Class Sourcing Dining experience

amcham vietnam


Recently, IBUKI has cooperated with AmCham Vietnam (American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam) to bring the Glorious Birthday Memory program, sending special gifts on birthdays of association members.

With the criterion of providing a high-class culinary experience, IBUKI has selected Takamori Drunken and Miyazaki Wagyu, two famous beef brands of the Land of the Rising Sun, and recognized around the world.

Takamori Drunken is known as the rarest beef in the world with extraordinary flavor and tenderness. It is raised by Sake Dassai residue as the main source of nutrients. That’s why Takamori Drunken is always sought after by culinary masters because of its limited quantity, just over 100 produced per year, and only for high-class restaurants.

Miyazaki Wagyu with the highest quality A5 will bring a soft and pleasant experience. This is also a popular beef brand with foodies.

Both are original Japanese dishes and are prepared by the art of Teppanyaki, which helps diners have a delicious meal on their special day at IBUKI restaurant.

World-Class Sourcing Dining is the desire of IBUKI to implement in 2021, meeting the mission of restaurants in the hunt for international standard ingredients with legendary stories, especially with cultural values and culinary roots. The origin is the beginning of all beginnings, of the heritage.

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