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TRIO BEEFS: For the first time, three world-famous beef brands present at IBUKI



Beginning on April 1, Ibuki introduces Trio Beefs, including 5 special sets, selected from three world-famous beef brands: Kobe, Matsusaka, and Takamori Drunken. Combined with the art of Teppanyaki, Trio Beefs will bring “wonders” according to the World Class Sourcing Dining standards that IBUKI always pursues.

From farm to table, each dish meets strict standards of food hygiene and safety, is environmentally friendly, fresh, sweet, and meticulously prepared by IBUKI’s kitchen artisans. All dishes are presented in a luxurious and cozy space, giving diners an artistic experience that reaches the top of their senses.

Kobe beef has an ancient history in Hyogo Prefecture, with the delicious taste, greasy smooth, melting in the mouth. Besides, Matsusaka beef comes from the famous Mie district, with the meat as soft as silk with a fatty texture like a work of art. And rare Takamori beef from Yamaguchi Prefecture, with the interesting story of the expert who spent years preserving the precious genetic code of wagyu beef with a unique sweet taste, combining the source of nutrition from Sake Dassai residue, passionately incubated with the palate, always sought after by culinary masters because of the limited quantity, fewer than 100 cows are shipped each year and are only available to a few restaurants, including IBUKI.

In order to pay tribute to livestock experts and talented chefs, IBUKI has created 5 Trio-Beefs sets with the names:

  • MASTERPIECE IN MASTERPIECE: The wonder is created by the “masterpieces”: Kobe A5 Sirloin, Matsusaka Tenderloin, and Takamori Drunken Tenderloin.
  • PERFECT ASSORTMENT OF CUTS: The perfect symphony, a combination of Kobe A5 Sirloin, Matsusaka Rib Eye, and Takamori Drunken Tenderloin.
  • LOVE ME TENDER: Soft and sweet like the line “Love me tender, love me sweet” in Elvis Presley’s song of the same name, combined from Kobe A5 Sirloin, Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Sirloin và Miyazaki Wagyu A4 Sirloin.
  • PREMIER HAND CUTS: The work comes from the hands of Japan’s leading livestock experts, with Kobe A5 Sirloin, Miyazaki Wagyu A4 Sirloin, and Takamori Drunken D Rumb.
  • CELEBRITY PREMIER HAND CUTS: The royal choir, which celebrates masterful hand-cutting by the sophistication of each hand-cutting skill, was created from the Kobe A5 Sirloin, Miyazaki Wagyu A5 Sirloin, and  Miyazaki Wagyu A4 Sirloin.

We believe that the combination of three world-famous beef brands: Kobe, Matsusaka, and Takamori Drunken along with Teppanyaki art bring the hallmark of Japanese cuisine will leave an unforgettable aftertaste for diners



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