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Enjoy the Japanese standard Kobe Teppanyaki

As a member of Kobe Japan Association, IBUKI restaurant is the right place for diners who want to find a pure culinary experience, from the source of materials meeting official import standards.

IBUKI chooses the standard Teppanyaki style to introduce to diners the Japanese culinary experience of the world’s most famous beef brands:

  • Kobe: the most famous beef raised in Japan from Hyogo Prefecture, and most foreign leaders and celebrities in the world enjoy it when coming to Japan.
  • Matsusaka: the purest beef comes from Mie Prefecture. Matsusaka beef is usually only supplied in limited quantities and is only provided to high-class restaurants around the world that meet strict standards for preservation and processing.
  • Omi: the oldest beef from Shiga prefecture from over 400 years which called as ‘Roll Royce of beef villages’
  • Takamori: the world’s rarest beef raised in Yamaguchi Prefecture. They have been raised with Sake Dassai residue, and the exported quantity is only about 100 cows per year.

IBUKI selects the best portions of meat for creating teppanyaki, with a beef marbling standard (BMS) scale that goes from 8 to 12, and the highest grade is A5.
Please booking for advance to keep beautiful seatings and enjoy the quintessential Teppanyaki.
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