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For well over a century, the name of that delicacy “Kobe beef” has been engraved in the annals of culinary history for its delicious flavor. During this time, the bloodline of Hyogo Prefecture produces Tajima-gyu has been protected to produce Kobe beef having an ultimate meat quality unchanged since bygone days. Even now, just as over 100 years ago, celebrities from around the world are extolling Kobe beef as one of the pleasures to enjoy when visiting Japan. This delicacy is a timeless, moving experience that will transport you and those you love to delicious gourmet heights.

On Friday, 25/03/2021, we are proud to reveal KOBE BEEF: JAPANESE LEGENDARY, the 1st World-class sourcing dining exclusive event, to share the humble passion to pursue our vision of sourcing world-class ingredients heritage with beautiful meaningful stories of culture and culinary journey for Vietnam diners.

Event to share:

  • The Untold stories about historical Kobe beef
  • Process of tracing the origin of authentic Kobe beef.
  • Enjoy the KOBE (sirloin) with classic teppanyaki cooked by genuine IBUKI Chefs. Pairing with sake, each diner will have an unforgettable journey to discover Japanese tastes. uplift their sensation.

We’re aiming to provide the best-in-class products from global brands with high standards and qualified with extra high world-class standards of hygiene, sustainable environment protection, freshness, and finest dishes.

KOBE BEEF – JAPANESE LEGENDARY will take place at 18:30 pm, Friday, March 25, 2022, at IBUKI restaurant, co-organized by Bio Farm, Bio Planet, and IBUKI. This is also the first event to spread the mission of “World-class Sourcing Dining”, share inspiring stories about the original values, roots, and culture of the world’s leading brands that BioGroup pursues, by cooperating with prestigious and growing global corporations, in order to bring a high-class culinary experience to Vietnamese people.


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