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HOKKAIDO HANAMI: Preserve the taste of peace

Hokkaido Hanami

Also at this time, cherry blossoms will bloom in Hokkaido and many other cities in Japan, so that we can admire the beauty of the intersection of heaven and earth, spreading joy and peace to everyone.

Referring to cherry blossoms, IBUKI remembers the movie “5 centimeters per second” by famous director Shinkai Makoto, which is the average falling speed of each Sakura petal.It is this famous work that is the inspiration for IBUKI to create So the menu is reserved for when the cherry blossoms bloom: Hokkaido Hanami.

To slowly feel everything around like the speed of cherry blossoms, Hokkaido Hanami is a journey for each diner to find peace and relax while enjoying delicious dishes with relatives, friends, colleagues, .. Temporarily forget the hustle and bustle, gently note each small daily beauty, keep memories at the dining table.

From April 20 to May 10, IBUKI invites diners to embark on a journey to find unforgettable aftertaste with Hokkaido Hanami menu:

1. Step into the flower garden: Japanese Tomato and Herb Salad
2. Seaside in Hokkaido: Steamed Hokkaido Salmon and Red Shrimp & Oyster Sashimi with Vegetables
3. Enjoy the essence of the stream: Ayu Tempura Stream Fish & Sushi Temari Tuna and Red Sea bream
4. Sip a cup of flower tea: Sakura Flower Topped Teapot Soup
5. Watching the raindrops fall beside the cherry blossoms: Sakura Raindrop Cake

In particular, IBUKI offers one Sakura Raindrop Cake per set, and 20% discount on L’Orient Sakura wine when ordering.

Hokkaido Hanami belongs to the World Class Sourcing Dining project, which is IBUKI’s desire to fulfill the restaurant’s mission in hunting for international standard ingredients with legendary stories, classics with cultural values ​​and roots. culinary.

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