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Here comes The Sun – IBUKI is back

Here comes the sun

And I say It’s all right

Inspired by the song “Here Comes The Sun” by legendary guitarist George Harrison, with the meaning of the continuation of a new future, when we are all continuing to walk towards the rising sun. . That is also the message for IBUKI’s comeback after a challenging time.

The rising sun is not only a symbol of hope, but also represents Japan, the land of culinary quintessence, with inspirational stories about the origin and culture that IBUKI always pursues.

From October 2021, IBUKI continues to deploy the Delivery & Catering service: Bringing “World-class sourcing dining” to the home or workplace of each customer. From the source of international standard ingredients, whose origin is recognized as a culinary heritage, IBUKI has prepared dishes with bold Japanese flavor, maintaining pure delicious taste, and convenient to use at home. home or workplace.

IBUKI’s Delivery menu includes:

  • Set Menu of pure Japanese cuisine
  • Onigiri Menu (Onigiri Japanese Rice Ball)
  • Premium Sashimi Menu
  • Hotpot & Grill from different kinds of meat

Check out the Delivery menu here:

IBUKI deploys Home Catering service with specially designed menus for delicious meals with family and friends.

Order time: from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. Please contact to order at least 90 minutes in advance with Delivery menu.

Delivery & Catering of “World Class Sourcing Dining” meets IBUKI’s mission in hunting for international standard ingredients with legendary stories, classics with cultural values ​​and culinary roots.

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