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Great holiday gift – Enjoy Trio Beefs

thưởng thức Trio Beefs

On April 30 and May 1, 2021, IBUKI sends special gifts to diners when enjoying Trio Beefs:

  • Get 3 types of Sashimi (Salmon, Red Shrimp, Red Oysters) and 1 bottle of Triple beer 750ml when diners order 01 in 02 sets: Masterpiece in Masterpiece, Perfect Assortment of Cuts.
  • Get 1 bottle of Triple beer 750ml when diners order 1 of 3 sets: Love me tender, Premier Hand Cuts, Celebrity Premier Hand Cuts.

Trio Beef with 5 special sets designed from 3 brands: Kobe beef (most famous) from Hyogo Prefecture, Matsusaka beef (purest) from Mie, and Takamori Drunken beef (rarest) from Yamaguchi, Japan. IBUKI selects the cutting sections in accordance with the “World-class” standard and completes the work through Teppanyaki art, providing a full-fledged culinary experience at IBUKI.

St-Feuillien Triple beer is a blend of hops flavors, barley flavors, and fruit flavors, along with the secret of preserving “heritage” from the crown stopper, conquering the delicate taste buds from the first sip and leaving an unforgettable aftertaste.


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